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Our unique range of Rappa Winders are designed to make the arduous job of setting out or collecting up electric fencing faster and more efficient. The machine takes the strain, so there will be no more lugging hand reels and awkward bundles of posts around the field; the machine can carry everything as you go.

The auto-winding mechanism maximises the life of the wire by preventing tangles and breakages. The guides feed the tensioned wire evenly onto the reels as you drive or push it along.

The first tranche of the government Farming Equipment & Technology Fund grant is now closed, but it's expected that two further rounds will run in 2024. The grant is designed to help farmers in England buy specific electric fencing items and receive cash back. A range of Rappa products are available on the package, including our Winders. Not sure what to buy? Talk to our sales team on 01264 810665.

Items can be purchased using government grant codes: FETF107SH (sheep), FETF107CH (cattle), FETF107PI (pigs) or FETF107POU (poultry). The grant amount is £1,130. For full details, visit gov.uk

Choose from the entry-level, manual Barrow Winder, or our best-selling ATV versions for unparalleled speed, efficiency, ease and economy. Our top-of-the-range Trailer Machine Winder carries up to 5km of fencing in one hit, while the Dairy Winder offers an economical machine for busy dairy farms.

All our electric fence machines are manufactured in our own factory and come with a full range of spare parts. Expert advice is also available to help you keep your machine working to its full potential.

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