SPE 15000i Dual Power Energiser

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Powerful 15.0J (output) Speedrite energiser.*

Mains powered for extensive electric fence systems. Features Speedrite Cyclic Wave™ technology which can sense fence load from vegetation and automatically adjust the pulse to compensate. This remote ready energiser can be switched on or off from any point in the electric fence line using the optional Speedrite Remote Fault Finder. Powers up to 20km in field conditions, 150km in factory conditions.

The Speedrite SPE15000i is not compatible for use with standard crocodile clip fence leads.

Unsure what you need? Check out our handy Energiser Guide or please call us and we'll be happy to help.

  • Cyclic Wave™ Technology - Provides a cleaner, more powerful pulse for optimal stock control
  • Bipolar technology - Enables the user to power a fence system to perform exceptionally well in dry, low conductive soil
  • Pulse indicator light - Easy to read light bar display indicates the energiser is working
  • Day/Night sensor - Automatically adjusts pulse speed based on day or night conditions
  • Five-stage light bar - Indicates output voltage and battery levels
  • Large terminals - Easily adjusted and accept up to two fence wires
  • Slotted terminals - Make inserting wires and getting a good connection easy
  • Multiple mounting options - Can be wall or post mounted
  • Half voltage terminal - For more sensitive stock
  • Adjustable pulse speed options - For stock training or normal use
  • Earth monitoring - Indicates earth system problems by monitoring the level of voltage around the earth system

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