RaceGrip c/w Drench and Shearing Poles

Stock code: RY400201

Limited availabilty, please call the office

Our modular, in-field sheep handler, designed to work with our Rappa Yards, the RaceGrip makes short work of dagging, vaccinating, tagging and drenching. The unique patented double-grip mechanism requires no manual adjustment; the scissor-action panels automatically adapt to the animal’s size, including lambs.

Extensively tested on farms, the unique RaceGrip is the first modular race clamp on the market – tow it inside your yard, or carry it in your farm vehicle. Made from tough, lightweight heat-treated aluminium, it can be easily assembled and dismantled in minutes and its ergonomic design minimises user fatigue.

The low ramps and quiet, smooth operation encourage steady sheep flow while minimising stress.

  • One tow – travels inside your Rappa yard
  • Auto sizing – scissor-action grip-panels automatically adjust to animal size
  • Linear design – low gradient entrance and exits promote sheep flow
  • Smooth and light grip – restrains sheep without sudden movement or force
  • Hands-free – the grip mechanism locks automatically
  • Rear operation to maintain sheep flow
  • Stop gate allows unhindered access to the back of the animal
  • Shearing machine pole to hang your dagging equipment
  • Shearing clippers rest
  • Ergonomic design for ease and comfort

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