Electronic Weigh Crate For Sheep - FETF75

FETF applicable code(s): FETF75
Grant rebate: £1271(based on a quantity of 1)

Item must:
1. be a weigh crate with electronic weigh system for sheep
2. be able to record individual animal weights and track live weight gains
3. include a mobile device if the reader requires it for full functionality
4. be EID compatible
5. be able to upload or download data

You must provide this item’s serial number when you submit your claim for payment. You cannot claim for this item if using an existing crate. If you wish to purchase individual elements of a weigh system, please refer to item FETF78SH, FETF78PI, and FETF78CA - Individual electronic weigh system and item FETF79SH, FETF79PI and FETF79CA - Weigh bars and weigh platforms for weighing livestock.

Items with wooden elements are not eligible. You cannot claim for a sheep handler under item FETF71 if also including the item in a claim for item FETF69 - Mobile sheep handling system. For the full details of this grant, please visit gov.uk site.

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