Tru-Test MP600 Load Bars

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Used to weigh livestock, the Multi Purpose Load Bar, works with the Rappa Weighing Systems and Tru-Test WeighHead, to give an accurate recording of livestock weight.

From the Tru-Test product range, the MP600 Load Bars are an industry leader for durability and performance in harsh environments. Built with aircraft grade aluminium, they have been fully sealed to repel moisture. Heavy duty TPR/PVC cables come standard, reducing the risk of cable damage. The Tru-Test MP600 Load bars has a capacity of 2,000kg and a weight of 13.5kg.

  • Easy setup: Requires only a firm, level surface and a rigid crate or platform.
  • Versatile: Easily installed temporarily and can be transported between weighing sites when paired with the lightweight Tru-Test aluminium platform
  • Durable: Galvanised steel protects the bar in tough agricultural environments
  • Sealed load cell: Protects against moisture damage, allowing the load bars to remain outdoors.

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