Tru-Test XRS2i Stick Reader

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Making EID readers comfortable over hours of use, the XRS2i Stick reader is ideal for cattle, sheep and deer. The stick features rapid charging and superior battery performance.

Designed for seamless integration with your Tru-Test weigh scale, the XRS2 Stick Reader effortlessly transfers scanned IDs via Bluetooth® wireless connection or cable.

Equipped to alert on specific animals, such as those within a withholding period, and capture additional traits like condition score, the XRS2i Stick Reader provides valuable intelligence on the go.

  • Collect up to 15 pieces of information for each animal at a time. ISO HDX and ISO FDX-B tags. Compatible with NLIS tags and NAIT
  • Memory for up to 1 million scanned tags.
  • Strong wireless connection to connect to weigh scale or other devices up to 100 away.
  • 19 hrs of push to read time or 9.5hrs continuous read
  • Daylight viewable display
  • IP67 waterproof design meaning you can use it in all weathers
  • 650mm reach allowing you to scan even the most flighty livestock
  • Lightweight at 760g

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