3 Line Steel Fence Kit 600m

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An all steel wire fence kit combined with steel posts for a semi-permanent fence. Use with our range of fence winding machines, particularly well suited to the Trailer Winder with its increased carrying capacity. Adjustable insulators ensure the fence lines are correctly positioned for your stock type.

  • 3 x Pre-loaded Reel with Steel Wire
    Heavy-duty steel wire with seven strands of steel making it the perfect conductor. Supplied on a reel. Designed with webbed flanges to lock securely onto our reel post.

  • 50 x 80cm Steel Posts
    Steel posts are for use with heavier steel wire. Designed with a double spike to aid stability and easy insertion into hard or stony ground.

  • 150 x Steel Post Insulator
    Fix your electric fencing wire at any height with our adjustable steel stake insulator.

  • 1 x Reel Post
    Steel reel post, used at the end of a fence line to attach reels and keep wire taut. Lock tab design allows you to adjust the tension by simply turning the reel and locking it in place.

  • 1 x Anchor Post
    Steel anchor posts used to begin your electric fence or for use in corner. Wire slots through the pre-attached insulators.

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