Sheep Mobile Handling Systems - FETF69

FETF applicable code(s): FETF69
Grant rebate: £4,881 (based on a quantity of 1)

Item must:

1. be a trailer-mounted sheep handling system
2. hold a minimum of 250 adult sheep
3. include a minimum of 48m of hurdles (24x7ft hurdles) to create a gathering pen, a forcing pen and at least two side pens
4. include a drafting and dosing race that can fit a footbath
5. be based on a trailer which is integrated into the handling system and forms part of the handling race
6. be made primarily of metal

Ferrous metal must be galvanised or powder coated. Painted items are not eligible. Trailers that are not integrated and could be used for other purposes are not eligible. Items with wooden elements are not eligible. You must provide this item’s serial number when you submit your claim for payment. For the full details of this grant, please visit site.

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