Series 10 Standard Mobile Yard

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The Rappa Series 10 range of mobile sheep handling yards is ideal for midsize to larger farms. Each model has a lightweight, modular design and a variety of useful features to help make the job easier for you, including a high geared winch and easy attach drawbar.

All of our yards are designed and manufactured in our Hampshire, England factory. Once you’ve purchased your yard, one of our expert sales team will hand-deliver your yard, ensuring your set with all the information you need.

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Series 10

Components Standard Super
Yard Base 10ft 1
Aluminium Hurdle 7ft 20
Panel 8ft 2
Panel with Coupling 8ft 2
Forcing Gate 6ft 1
Drop-in Gate 18in 2
Spreader 33in 1
Spreader and Gate 33in 1 1
Hurdle Support Post 2 4 6
Guillotine Gate 18in 1
  • Easy attach drawbar with unique positioning hook
  • High geared winch for fast deployment
  • Drafting Gate with panel or rail option
  • Compact and Standard models allow you to draft sheep without unloading hurdles
  • Suitable for unbraked towing up to 750kg
  • Multiple set-up configurations cover all tasks
  • Three-way drafting from trailer section
  • Easy and quick to assemble or dismantle single-handed
  • Modular design expands with your flock
  • Non-reflective panels encourage stock flow
  • Rounded hurdles drag smoothly across grass
  • Adjustable panel heights for flighty sheep
  • Made from tough, lightweight heat-treated aluminium

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